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Introduce smart glass to your company and benefit from the advantages

You can have this great idea to get a competition innovation to your company. As each Monday, every one will present his report, you can finish your speech by introducing a new product, this smart glass from XpertEye.

You can directly test it

The better way to have the attention of everybody in testing this product. It is easily to use and no need to complicate anything, everyone can see the result on his smartphone, because this glass in connected. No need to build a plan for this, a direct demonstration is sufficient to present this product. No need to share this idea to your working friends, just keep it right as a secret and be intelligent to present it as a scoop. You can also get more practices method and propose to visioning a little video, less than 2 minutes, to explain it on image. This glass will have many reasons to be on your workspace and may be your smartphone can work like him, but not in the same way. It is easier then checking camera on your smartphone or more application useful at work. You just put the glasses and you can control everything by 3D image.

When smart glass in on your society

When society face some matters, and need technician intervention, you can call AMA Society. They contact a specialist for you who could collaborate with you by sharing his experiences. Even he has lived so far by using this smart glass, he could help you directly and quickly. You can zoom the pictures, you can also ask him to analyses all matters, and you can have a tutorial to guide you. It is just a glass connecter, in the case of the augmented reality, but different on the casque reality, who is the more famous gadget this year. Technology is evolving, and start to combinate a reality to a virtual place, and there are so many ways to catch your goals as you need.

So, in individual space, we can have a fantastic world, and at work, we can also improve our system of working, and maybe, we can have chances to assist a heart operation.

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