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Optimize pricing strategies, and make category managers

The subject is really interesting since we are now talking about the value of our several years of study, but also the importance of our work experience in any society. Let's talk about category management.

The place of category management

We are not going to affirm or stupidly confirm the analyses carried out by the students during the company follow-up seminar a few months ago. We know that there is a real mathematical work with several algorithms to see in this field to arrive at a comma sum always for the tariff of salaried indices. The first thing we want to warn against is that category management is not a panacea. You can't get a good deal with a magic wand. It is a laborious and difficult job, which sometimes requires months of hard work. These are investments that must be made before the company achieves the expected results.

Fear of the introduction of new technology

The analysis may be absurd, but there is no liver without action, so it is a challenge, but everything is achievable. These are indeed dynamic pricing algorithms methods in which all Western technologies are successful at first sight, but we know that other countries are also making progress. But there are limitations and implementation features, including the specificities of these sophisticated devices. And each company must decide for itself: is the stakes worth it? After all, not all stores are using this new efficient system, but this does not prevent them from succeeding and developing using old and proven technologies. All you need to do is master the category management methodology, rename the purchasing manager and make sure that the valuable category profit is already in your pocket. But we all know that miracles do not happen.

Any organizational change requires an integrated approach, often affecting not only the object of the change, but also the entire company.

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